Jeff Dean



Jeff Dean has a long and successful career in business management having started up many companies and taken them from “start up to take off”. Working originally in the electronics high technology sector, Jeff has been internationally recognised as an authority in the fields that he has worked. A serial entrepreneur, Jeff currently focusses on working with overseas SME’s helping them to set up and accelerate their sales and development of their businesses internationally. Jeff also co-founded Innovation Warehouse, a start-up company incubator based in the City of London and Connect-London an off-shoot of the world renowned Connect San Diego which also works and assists start-up companies.
An experienced all-round business manager and advisor, Jeff can assist businesses in their development at all levels.
Recently, Jeff has relocated from the south of England to Lancashire and is hoping that he can share his skills and experience with North West based companies.

Matteo Turi



Matteo is a Chartered Accountant and an international expert CFO.
He is qualified ACCA (Associated of Certified Chartered Accountants) and he is also graduate of the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma.
He is passionate about the wealth creation process and, as a strategically minded Finance Director, he acts as a Finance Business Partner with his clients.
He has experience with £100 million refinancing (water), £30 million international investments (real estate, energy, construction ), £80 million turnaround (professional services), £12 million acquisition (retail banking), £20 million IPO exit (telecom) and several other sector experience.
Matteo will also help you develop your royalty selling strategy and with your exit plan for the highest possible benefit.
His main clients have been Severn Trent Water, Lanco, Rengen Energy, Moneygram, K2 Partnering, Vanco and Seagram. He is currently principal at the FD Centre and he runs the Scale up Academy with University partners with his “3 pillars of financial success”.
He founded Taras CFO Services in 2009 and he is an Italian national with international experiences having lived in Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK where he has been based for most of his professional life.



Roshan Kanyady




Roshan is a highly experienced Strategy Consultant and was certified by Palladium Group in 2013.A serial entrepreneur he specialises in Cross Border Strategy and since 2013 has assisted a number of SME’s from around the world in establishing a presence in the UK and Europe markets.Roshan has worked as a Programme & Project Manager with market leading companies such as Barclays, Visa, BG Group & BT and has established a network of more than 4000 SME’s in the UK from sectors such as:

  • Care sector
  • Education sector
  • Chemical and petrochemical market
  • Engineering, manufacturing,
  • Financials and Banking,
  • Health Care
  • Information technology,
  • Medical devices,
  • Nuclear
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil and gas,
  • Railways



Yasmin Turi



Yasmin is a UK-based Health Professional and is experienced in customer relationships.

As part of a family of entrepreneurs in Africa, she is passionate about the wealth creation process and she acts as a Relationship Manager within the Worldwide Scale Up Alliance.

Yasmin has a number of real estate investments in a number of countries and she will help your business becoming international and successful.